Theory of Computation

Arizona State University, Spring 2008
CSE 555 (SLN 30775), in BYAC260 (Brickyard), TuTh 9:15--10:30AM

Instructor: Goran Konjevod (email: my first name at
Office hours: TuTh 10:30-12:00 and by appointment
Office location: Brickyard 450.

Teaching Assistant: TBA
Office hours: TBA
Office location: TBA

Michael E. Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation, 2nd ed., Thomson

(OLD) Syllabus:in postscript and pdf.

Introductory class and Section 1.1: 1/15(pdf);
Sections 1.2 and 1.3: 1/17(pdf);
DFA minimization 2/5(pdf);
Context-free languages 1 2/7(pdf);
Other nodes here.

Homework 1 due 1/22 in pdf.
Homework 2 due 1/31 in pdf.
Homework 3 due 2/7 in pdf.
Homework 4 due 3/4 in pdf.
Homework 5 due 3/20 in pdf.
Homework 6 due 4/15 in pdf.
Homework 7 due 4/24 in pdf.