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   Pleat tessellations: Edge expansion.

Several variants of edge expansion. All of these were folded during the OUSA 2008 convention.
I also taught the edge expansion wave (Figures 4, 5 and 6) during a late night folding session.
Some of these reverse one end of each pleat by a twist, an older idea but one I did not fold until OUSA 2008
(see also the non-pureland gallery for more examples of this technique.)

Medium: elephant-hide; standard origami paper; kozo; backcoated unryu.

  1. Edge expansion twist bowl. 2. Alternate view of 1. 3. Edge expansion twist bowl. 4. Small wave.
  01edge-expansion-largeA.jpg 02edge-expansion-largeB.jpg 05edge-expansion-small.jpg 10edge-expansion-wave16.jpg
  5. Larger wave. 6. Alternate view of 5. 7. Simple edge expansion bowl. 8. Alternate view of 7.
  15edge-expansion-waveA.jpg 16edge-expansion-waveB.jpg 20edge-expansion-bowlA.jpg 21edge-expansion-bowlB.jpg
  9. Edge expansion leaf. 10. Alternate view of 9.    
  25edge-expansion-leafA.jpg 26edge-expansion-leafB.jpg