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   Pleat tessellations: folding copper.

Since no unfolding or refolding is necessary, these pieces may also be folded from copper.

Medium: 36 gauge copper sheet (nominal thickness 0.005 inches).
Tools: hands, ruler, table edge.
Patina: mostly heat.

  1. The basic form in copper. 2. Simple bowl. 3. Simple bowl. 4. Curved bowl.
  01-basic16-copper-curved.jpg 02-bowl16-copper.jpg 03copperbowl.jpg 05multicolor.jpg
  5. Mini-hierarchical. 6. Simple bowl. 7. Simple bowl. 8. Simple bowl, in progress.
  10hierarchical.jpg 15-bowl36-copperA.jpg 16-bowl36-copperB.jpg 17-bowl36-copperC.jpg
  9. Fancy bowl. 10. Fancy bowl, alternate view. 11. Twofold basket. 12. Twofold basket, alternate view.
  24-bowl24-copper1A.jpg 25-bowl24-copper1B.jpg 26-bowl24-copper2A.jpg 27-bowl24-copper2B.jpg
  13. Candy dish. 14. Candy dish, alternate view. 15. Three copper bowls. 16. Infinite twist.
  28-bowl24-copper3A.jpg 29-bowl24-copper3B.jpg 30-three-bowls24.jpg 50infinitetwist.jpg
  17. Detail of Infinite Twist. 18. Knotted. 19. Tree. 20. Tree, back view.
  51infinitetwistdetail.jpg 55knotted.jpg 62tree.jpg 63tree-back.jpg
  21. Tree 2. 22. Reverse. 23. Three yoga poses. 24. Three more yoga poses.
  65tree2.jpg 70yoga-reverse.jpg 71yoga-three1.jpg 72yoga-three2.jpg
  25. Mask. 26. Valentine. 27. Three leaves. 28. Two bowls.
  80mask.jpg 90coppervalentine.jpg 94threeleaves.jpg 95color-corrected-bowls.jpg