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   Pleat tessellations: second-order pleats and interleaved sequences.

Full box-pleats (called second-order pleats here) result in softer curves.
At the same time, they provide more material for free-form sculpting, which is not illustrated here (yet).

Paper: elephant-hide (Wyndstone Marble); copper, brown and red “krinkle”; hemp paper; bookbinding cloth.

  1. Simple plate. 2. Larger plate. 3. Second-order bowl. 4. A variant.
  35-second-order-plate.jpg 36-large-plate.jpg 40-second-order-bowl.jpg 41-second-order-bowl.jpg
  5. Detail of bowl. 6. Square dish. 7. Square dish with decorations. 8. Interleaved bowl.
  42-second-order-bowl-detail.jpg 45-second-order-pyramid-3d.jpg 46-second-order-pyramid-3d-decorated.jpg 50-interleaved-bowl.jpg
  9. Interleaved bowl. 10. Valentine.    
  51-interleaved-bowl-cloth.jpg 60-valentine.jpg