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   Pleat tessellations: sequence interaction.

The simple pyramid and bowl (1, 2) are the result of four basic sequences being folded simultaneously.
Different sets of sequences folded simultaneously shape the final model in different ways.
The possibilities are infinite, and a few interesting ones are shown here. Gallery Five explores more complex surfaces.

Medium: mostly elephant-hide (Wyndstone Marble) paper.

  1. Inverted pyramid. 2. Simple bowl. 3. Fancy bowl. 4. Another fancy bowl.
  08-pyramid32-upsidedown.jpg 11-bowl32.jpg 16-bowl32-fancy1.jpg 17-bowl32-fancy2.jpg
  5. Once more. 6. Mesh paper bowl. 7. Candy dish. 8. Same as previous
  18-bowl32-fancy3.jpg 19-bowl-32-fancy4.jpg 20-bowl32-invertedopenA.jpg 21-bowl32-invertedopenB.jpg
  9. Upside-down. 10. Wave. 11. Real tessellation. 12. Upside-down
  22-bowl32-invertedopenC.jpg 24-wave32.jpg 32-basic32-tessellation.jpg 33-basic32-tessellation-upsidedown.jpg
  13. Tessellation with rotation. 14. Basket with two-fold symmetry. 15. Basket with locked edges. 16. Surprise bowl.
  34-basic-rotated-tessellation.jpg 35-twofold-bowl.jpg 36-twofold-bowl-with-edges.jpg 37-surprise-bowl.jpg
  17. Surprise bowl, upside-down. 18. Two-by-one surprise bowl. 19. Raised center bowl.  
  38-surprise-bowl-upside-down.jpg 40-two-by-one-surprise-bowl.jpg 42-raised-center-bowl.jpg