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   Pureland or pleat tessellations: basic forms.

The motivation for this ongoing series was Paul Jackson's model the Bulge, a small version of which is shown in 1 and 2.
All of these are pureland folds. (Only mountain and valley folds are used, and no rearrangement of layers is necessary.)
As pureland folds, they are also theoretically flat and all curvature is due to the natural paper tension.

Medium: elephant-hide (also known as Wyndstone marble) paper (text weight), 36 gauge copper sheet (12-15).

  1. Bulge:16 unlocked. 2. Bulge:16 locked. 3. Bulge:32 unlocked (wet-folded). 4. Bowl:32 unlocked.
  01-basic16-unlocked.jpg 02-basic16-locked.jpg 03-basic32-wetfoldedflat.jpg 04-bowl32-unlocked.jpg
  5. Bowl:32 unlocked, upside-down. 6. Pyramid:32. 7. Pyramid:32, top view. 8. Pyramid:32, upside-down.
  05-bowl32-unlocked-upsidedown.jpg 06pyramid32A.jpg 07-pyramid32B.jpg 08-pyramid32-upsidedown.jpg
  9. A combination. 10. Pyramid:16, flattened. 11. Bowl:32, locked. 12. Basic form in copper, curved.
  09-combination.jpg 10-pyramid16-flattened.jpg 11-bowl32.jpg 12-basic16-copper-curved.jpg
  13. Bowl:16, in copper. 14. Bowl:36, in copper. 15. Bowl:36, side view. 16. Roller from basic shape.
  13-bowl16-copper.jpg 14-bowl36-copperA.jpg 15-bowl36-copperB.jpg 31-basic16-roller.jpg