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   Highland Hospital Acute Tower Replacement Project.

My contributions to the collection of artwork installed at the new Acute Tower at the Highland Hospital in Oakland.
Photographs copyright 2012 Sibila Savage Photography,
From the Collection of The County of Alameda commissioned by the Alameda County Arts Commission.

  1. Change Study 5. 2. Change Study 6. 3. First-Second Order Distortion. 4. Four Waves.
  ChangeStudy5.jpg ChangeStudy6.jpg First-SecondOrderDistortion.jpg FourWaves.jpg
  5. Hierarchical Vario. 6. Irregular Pleats. 7. Metaleaf Tessellation Vario. 8. Triple Distortion Vario.
  HierarchicalVario.jpg IrregularPleats.jpg MetaleafTessellationVario.jpg TripleDistortionVario.jpg