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   Going Origami

Bolinas Museum.
October 3 - November 15, 2009.

Christine Edison
Peter Engel
Goran Konjevod
Robert Lang
Linda Mihara
Bernie Peyton

Curated by Terry Donohue.

Come see the show!

  1. Signs outside. 2. Bolinas Museum courtyard. 3. Introduction (enlarge). 4. Through the window.
  000-ad.jpg 005-museumcourtyard.jpg 010-textpanel.jpg 020-fromstreet.jpg
  5. Multiweave. 6. Tree 1. 7. Simple bowl. 8. Baboon mask, fancy bowl.
  025-multiweave.jpg 030-tree.jpg 040-copperbowl.jpg 050-baboonandbowl.jpg
  9. Crow by Robert Lang. 10. Robert Lang's animals. 11. Untitled in bronze. 12. Heron by Robert Lang.
  080-langcrowbronze.jpg 090-langdisplay.jpg 095-robertbronze.jpg 098-flies.jpg
  13. (Left) Konjevod, (Middle & Right) Lang.. 14. Display by Peter Engel & Linda Mihara. 15. Linda Mihara's crane balls. 16. Linda Mihara's Tessellated Shirt.
  100-goranrobertdisplay.jpg 110-peterlinda-display.jpg 120-lindacranes.jpg 125-lindashirt.jpg
  17. Three Masters. 18. Christine Edison's tessellations. 19. Mother & Child by Christine Edison. 20. Spinal Twist and more.
  128-threemasters.jpg 130-christinelightbox.jpg 140-christine1.jpg 145-goranchristinedisplay.jpg
  21. Bernie Peyton's Lying Bear. 22. Composition by Bernie Peyton. 23. Polar Swim by Bernie Peyton. 24. Blunt-nosed Vine Snake by Bernie Peyton.
  150-berniesbear.jpg 160-berniewave.jpg 165-berniepolarswim.jpg 168-berniesnake.jpg
  25. Great Horned Owl by Peter Engel. 26. Four leaves and more by Peter Engel. 27. Panel by Peter Engel. 28. Panel by Peter Engel.
  170-peterowl.jpg 180-peterleaves.jpg 190-peterpanel1.jpg 200-peterpanel2.jpg
  29. Waves by Peter Engel. 30. Sunrise Over the Bay by Peter Engel. 31. Pleat tessellations by Goran Konjevod. 32. Before the installation.
  240-peterwaves.jpg 250-peterbay.jpg 270-gorandisplay.jpg 280-packages.jpg
  33. Bugfolder tessellates. 34. Setting up. 35. Bernie Peyton. 36. Bernie Peyton with his sister.
  290-robertfolding.jpg 315-settingup.jpg 330-bernie.jpg 340-bernieandsister.jpg
  37. Three of the six. 38. Linda Mihara, Goran Konjevod, Terry Donohue. 39. At the Bolinas beach. 40. Bolinas Restaurant bookshelf.
  350-talkpictures.jpg 360-explaining.jpg 400-bolinasbeach.jpg 420-bolinasrestaurantbookshelf.jpg